We proudly offered a Asteroud365 - Intelligent Institute Automation System to manage and automate your entire day-to-day activity to reduce your workload. Asteroud365 offers the best in Institute Management System. We’re one of the most comprehensive college/institute ERP systems available in the market.

Automation and computerization have made things easier for universities and intitutions around the globe to manage candidates application for admission, student enrollment, fees collection, conducting online/offline examinations, processing recruitment, managing grievances, both employees and students attendance etc. Asteroid365 manages all activities of the university and institutes efficiently and precisely.

Asteroid365 is a cloud based educational ERP system that enables technical/higher education institutions and colleges to manage their day-to-day activity along with the online admissions, student enrollment, promotion and management, students class/event attendance, course management, common or departmental grievance management, online/offline fees collection, assignments/notes/question bank management, feedback management, conduct polls, create/collect data through Asteroid365 Forms, online transport and hostel service registration and blocking preferred seat on the fly, dynamic letter and label writing and printing for smooth communication with guardian etc.

Asteroid365 Institute Automation System is an end-to-end solution for all the colleges/institutions to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Students, Faculties and Staff lifecycle along with the campus administration. Asteroid365 helps counselors, educators, students and management members to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, analytics, business intelligence tools and dashboard that generates precise reports on applicant admission applications, enrollments, scholarships, previous academic records, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management.

  • Minimize
    • Cost of Entire Process
    • Total Time Required
    • Human Involvement
    • Data Redundancy
    • Paperwork
  • Maximize
    • Availability
    • Transparency
    • Accuracy
    • Reliability
    • Productivity
  • Design a Dynamic Process
  • User Interactive/Friendly
  • Real Time Report Availability

Empowering Digital Transformation in Education

Asteroid365 is the cloud solution that empowers institutions to meet their academic goals by transforming education system. Our Asteroid365 IERP seamlessly integrates with new models of learning and helps streamline scholastic and administrative processes. Since our inception, we have been enriching teachers, staff and student performance effectively and efficiently with our Asteroid365 mobile app.


At the heart of Vriendelike's comprehensive education technology suite lie our powerful core modules. These foundational components form the backbone of our system, seamlessly integrating to provide a unified and efficient experience for institutions, counselors, faculties, students, and guardians. Explore the dynamic capabilities of each core module as we empower you to unlock the full potential of educational excellence.

Course Management

Effortlessly oversee and organize academic offerings with our intuitive Course Management module, ensuring a streamlined approach to curriculum planning, scheduling, and student enrollment.

Recruitment Management System

Simplify and optimize your institution's recruitment processes with our dedicated module. From applicant tracking to seamless communication, efficiently manage every stage of recruitment with ease.

Faculty Connect/Website

Foster seamless communication between faculty and students through our Faculty Connect/Website module. Empower educators to share resources, announcements, and engage with students in a collaborative online environment, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Online Exam Management

Revolutionize assessment processes with our Online Exam Management module. Conduct secure, efficient, and user-friendly exams remotely, ensuring a fair and streamlined evaluation experience for both students and faculty.

Intelligent Time Table

Optimize scheduling complexities effortlessly with our Intelligent Time Table module. Harness the power of smart algorithms to create efficient, conflict-free timetables, ensuring a well-organized and balanced academic calendar for institutions.

Leave management system

Streamline and automate the leave management process with our dedicated module. Empower staff and administrators to efficiently request, track, and manage leaves, ensuring a smooth workflow and transparency in leave-related activities.

Lecture substitute, Extra classes and class suspension

Effortlessly manage changes in the academic schedule with our dynamic module. Facilitate the scheduling of substitute lectures, organize extra classes, and handle class suspensions seamlessly, ensuring a flexible and responsive approach to academic planning.

Attendance Management

Efficiently monitor and track attendance with our user-friendly module. Seamlessly record, analyze, and manage student and faculty attendance, promoting accountability and providing valuable insights for improved academic performance.

Freeze Attendance

Take control of attendance records with our Freeze Attendance module. Safeguard and lock attendance data at critical points, ensuring accuracy and preventing unintended modifications for a reliable and secure attendance tracking system.

Biometric Attendance along with Miss punch - approval process

Enhance attendance precision with our cutting-edge module. Utilize biometric technology for accurate tracking, and incorporate a streamlined miss punch approval process for a foolproof attendance management system that ensures accountability and efficiency.

Shift Management

Effortlessly organize and optimize staff schedules with our Shift Management module. Customize shifts, allocate resources efficiently, and ensure smooth coordination, allowing institutions to adapt to varying work patterns and enhance operational efficiency.

Notices and circular

Facilitate seamless communication with our Notices and Circulars module. Disseminate important information, announcements, and circulars efficiently, ensuring that students, faculty, and staff stay informed about crucial updates and events within the institution.

Event management

Effortlessly organize and track events with our Event Management and Attendance module. Create, schedule and mark attendance for the organized events.

Feedback Management

Empower continuous improvement with our Feedback Management module. Streamline the collection, analysis, and reporting of valuable feedback from students, faculty, and staff. Facilitate a culture of openness and improvement within your institution.

Conduct Online Classes

Transition seamlessly to virtual classrooms with our dedicated module. Conduct engaging and interactive online classes, empowering educators to deliver quality education remotely while providing students with a dynamic and effective learning experience.

Learning Management System

Transform the way education is delivered with our comprehensive Learning Management System. Empower educators to create, deliver, and track courses seamlessly, while providing students with an interactive and personalized learning experience.

Admission Control System

Simplify and streamline the admission process with our dedicated module. From application submission to enrollment, our Admission Control System ensures a seamless and efficient experience for both applicants and administrators, enhancing the overall admission workflow.

Agent/Counselors management system

Efficiently manage Agent/counselor interactions and relationships with our dedicated module. Streamline communication, track performance, and ensure transparency in dealings, empowering institutions to optimize partnerships and enhance collaboration with agents and counselors.

Dynamic Letter/Label Generation

Generate personalized and dynamic letters and labels effortlessly with our dedicated module. Customize and automate the process, ensuring accurate and professional correspondence, whether it's for official letters, certificates, or labels tailored to your institution's specific needs.

Document Management

Efficiently organize and manage student and employee documents with our dedicated module. Streamline document storage, retrieval, and tracking, ensuring secure and organized access to essential records for both students and staff.

Students Online Registration

Simplify the enrollment process with our Students Online Registration module. Enable seamless and user-friendly online registration for students, streamlining the admission process and providing a convenient experience for both applicants and administrative staff.

Payment gateway integration

Facilitate secure and convenient transactions with our Payment Gateway Integration module. Seamlessly integrate trusted payment gateways to enable hassle-free financial transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure payment experience for students, guardians, and institutions alike.

Online Transport Registration

Streamline the transportation registration process with our dedicated module. Enable students and parents to register for transportation services online, ensuring a convenient and efficient system for managing transportation needs within the institution.

Online Hostel Registration

Simplify the hostel registration process with our dedicated module. Enable students to register for hostel accommodation online, providing a seamless and efficient system for managing hostel assignments and ensuring a smooth transition into campus living.

Inventory Management System

Efficiently manage and track inventory with our dedicated module. From procurement to distribution, our Inventory Management System streamlines the entire process, ensuring accurate tracking, reducing discrepancies, and optimizing resource utilization within the institution.

Grievance Redressal System

Foster a culture of transparency and accountability with our Grievance Redressal System. Streamline the process of submitting, tracking, and resolving grievances, ensuring a fair and efficient mechanism for addressing concerns within the institution.

I-Card and Admit Card generation

Effortlessly create and manage I-Cards and Admit Cards with our dedicated module. Customize, generate, and distribute identification and admission cards efficiently, ensuring a streamlined process for both students and staff.

Polls Management

Facilitate interactive engagement with our Polls Management module. Create and conduct polls seamlessly, allowing administrators, faculty, and students to gather feedback, make data-driven decisions, and enhance the overall collaborative environment within the institution.

Asteroid365 Forms - Collect public interest/feedback

Empower your institution with Asteroid365 Forms, a dynamic tool to collect public interest and feedback. Create customized forms to gather valuable insights, opinions, and expressions of interest from the community, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering open communication.

Users Management

Efficiently oversee and manage user access with our Users Management module. Streamline user authentication, role assignment, and access permissions, ensuring a secure and organized user management system within your institution.

Data import tools

Simplify the transition to Asteroid365 with our powerful Data Import Tools. Effortlessly migrate existing data from various sources, ensuring a smooth and accurate transfer of information, and enabling a quick start on the Asteroid365 platform.

Time Sheet Management

Efficiently track and manage work hours with our Time Sheet Management module. Streamline the recording of employee work hours, facilitating accurate timekeeping and ensuring transparent and effective workforce management within your institution.

Assignment/Quiz/Questions Bank Upload

Simplify academic content management with our dedicated module. Upload and manage assignments, quizzes, and question banks seamlessly, streamlining the process for educators to create, organize, and administer assessments within the Asteroid365 platform.


Leverage the power of data with our Analytics module. Gain valuable insights into various aspects of academic performance, user engagement, and system utilization. Make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement with the comprehensive analytics tools within Asteroid365.


Streamline accreditation processes with our dedicated module. Manage accreditation requirements efficiently, ensuring compliance with industry standards and facilitating a smooth accreditation process for your institution.

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